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Hydrocyanicum acidum arbitrary notes

Present in bitter almonds, stones of peaches, plums and other fruit and laurel leaves.
Miasms: Acute, syphilis, tubercular.
Spasms, Spasmodic constriction, paralysis.
Weakness, flaccidity, paresis.
H/o retarded birth, respiration crisis at parturition.
Breathing problems, Suffocation.
Lack of reaction.
Low blood pressure (?)
General sensitiveness to chemicals, smells, photophobia.

Fears: Suffocation, traffic accident, cars
(crossing street), imaginary, various (many).
Dismissive, avoids contact, staring.
Urge to scream.

Distorted or half open eyes.
Jaws firmly clenched .
Spasm in pharynx and œsophagus.
Absence of thirst (or violent thirst).
Cramp in back (opisthotonus).
Palpitation, pulse weak and irregular
Feet, icy cold.
Skin cold, cyanotic.
Bad cases of small-pox.
Butter (oily).


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